Good Gentles! The Province of Golden Rivers cordially invites you to our annual Championship and Collegium, where we will determine the next Champion of Golden Rivers in both Heavy and Rapier fighting.

As a Province fundraiser, we will be offering handcrafted panini, made by the most fabulous Bella Donna di Sorci. Each artisanal panino will be $10. In addition, we will have an assortments of soft drinks, chips, and homemade sweet treats available on the side. Proceeds of this fundraiser will go towards supporting future events and help us support and expand our A&S opportunities within the Province.

This will be a free event but donations are always welcome.


  • 10:00 – Site Opens and Armor Inspections Begin
  • 11:00 – Lists Close
  • Class schedules can be found here
  • 6:00 – Site Closes

Location and Directions:

Rosemont Community Park, 9326 Americana Way, Sacramento, CA 95826

Directions to site – From HW50 (either direction), take Watt Avenue South to Kiefer Blvd. Turn LEFT (East) onto Kiefer Blvd. Turn LEFT (North) onto Huntsman Drive. Turn RIGHT (East) onto Americana Way. Park entrance is on the right.

Classes offered:

  • Get Saucy: Basic Medieval Sauces (With Cameline Sauce Practicum!) with Abrahe çaragoça
  • Award Tokens: Introduction to Pewter Casting with Tellina di Giuseppe da Fiesole (limit 6 students)
  • Making Tablet Weaving Accessible with Baronessie Þórkatla Yngvarsdóttir ($5/10 cards, limit 5 students, no limits on auditors)
  • How to Make Netting with Agnes barengarii de girona
  • Introduction to Cross-Stitching with Morwenna of Tintagel
  • Introduction to Illumination: Make & Take Bookmarks with Emma Westbrook (limit 12 students)
  • Viking Knit Jewelry with Mistress Katira al-Maghrebiyya (limit 6 students)
  • Making Glass Beads: a Hands-On Demo with Clarice Walker
  • Riveted Maille: a Hands-On Demo with Sir Thomas Logan
  • Plague 1347: Preventatives & Cures with Mistress Kara of Golden Rivers
  • Intro to Lucet with Mistress Marielle de Rivage du Corbeau
  • Period Stitches to Stitch Your Device with Cristeane Regan McNab (limit 15 students. Bring a 6-8” hoop and a small pair of embroidery snips, if you have them. Warning: class will use wool embroidery thread. Please PM Shannon McSmith in advance if you are interested in taking this class but are allergic to wool.)

Rapier Tournament Information:

Rules for Entry: You must be willing to Serve as Golden Rivers Rapier Champion and assist with the tournament next year. SCA rapier authorization required.

Format: Fighters are expected to bring their best weapons to the fight. First round we will form a line with any entering MODs at one end. We will then pair off by folding the line. Fights will be best 2 of 3, with the catch that doubles are destructive. If you win the first two you don’t have to fight a third point, but you may.

If you win, you stay in the first line. If you are defeated you go into a second line. We fold each of those lines in half, and that is your opponent for the next round.

If you are defeated a second time you are now handicapped to single sword and join a third line. If you are defeated with single sword you are out of the tournament.

When we have two finalists the slate will be wiped clean and we will have a best 2 of 3 bring your best to determine the new Golden Rivers Rapier Champion.

Cut and Thrust Tournament Information:

Rules for entry: You must be authorized for SCA Cut and Thrust combat.

Format: Atlantean (sensing a theme here). Best 2 of 3, doubles are destructive. First defeat puts you in the “dirty” line. A second loss and you are out of the tournament.

Special Rules: Wear armor, it counts as armor! Bring weapons, there are advantages and restrictions depending on what you bring.

How to wound your opponent: Hit them where they don’t have armor or hit them with a weapon that exceeds that armor’s level of protection for that type of blow.

Armor Rules: Wear as much or as little armor as you like. Cut and Thrust minimums apply. Large shields are great.

Armor Conventions: (we are trying to simulate the weight/mobility/comfort vs protection).

Armor Types:

  • Not Armor: Normal clothing; thin cloth/leather gloves/fencing jacket.
    • Protects against: Nothing.
  • Padded Cloth/ Soft Leather: Padded fencing gloves; cloth gambeson; soft thick leather (buff coat)
    • Protects against: Push/draw/tip Cuts.
    • Examples: HEMA jacket, padded gambeson. Soft leather buff coat (4 oz leather min.), Ring Mesh.
  • Hardened Textile or Rigid Leather: Thick and rigid leather or Cloth.
    • Protects against: All cuts, including percussive cuts.
    • Examples: Plastic lamellar; Hardened leather, 8 oz min. Red Dragon gauntlets, pickle barrel (covered with textile please)
  • Mail/Scale/Brigandine/Lamellar: Interlocking metal plates or rings with small gaps or can be moved out of place.
    • Protects against: All thrusts and cuts, except thrusts from daggers or spear/longsword in 2 hands.
    • Examples: ~18 gauge steel mail (any size ring, not being picky).
  • Plate: Interlocking metal without gaps. 16 gauge steel min.
    • Protects against: All thrusts and cuts.
    • Examples: Any armor made of steel, 16 gauge or thicker.

Heavy Tournament Information: TBD